While We have Lost 42,298 Citizens to this Virus,

and as it grows, we lack testing, factual solutions

(<-Idiot Trumpers)

& leadership. After all he doesn’t take any of the

“Responsibility” For this Pandemic. This is Awful

shit. And The Moron Lunatic Domestic Terrorists

(Just Alt-right assholes) playing around with this

horror ‘Pretending’ to “protest” against Reality is

a study in Darwinism. These People will all be so

remembered for the nothing Window lickers that

they all Are. THEY Are why this Country is in the

shitter right now. Ignorance, mixed with anger &

garnished with A Very Limitless Dunning Kruger

arrogance. This Is Something So ‘Fundamentally’

(Ha ha ha)

disgusting. It’s Against The very Fabric of A Once

great country. Trump, ignorance & hate fucked it

up pretty damn quick. What a Fucked up sad day

NOTE: Joe Biden’s Ad Just Tore Orange Idiots Asshole
Apart. WOW. He, Let The Entire Country Down. Boom!

Have a “safe” day!

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