Debt Douchebags & Legal Hell…

September 21st, 2021

It’s no Secret every sittin Republican

in office these days is an abject lying

(<-Sociopath Prick!)

asshole sociopath. And they keep on

Proving it, Every Day. Now, Every R

will Vote For The US to “Default” on

our debt. When ya Want to Ruin the

Economy, ‘Elect A Republican’. Hint:

Reagan, Black Monday. W Bush, ah

the Economic Collapse. Orange Ass,

decimation. They are ALL monsters

And they Will be Blamed for all of it

(No shit)

Oh & speaking of Assholes About to

ruin Their Lives; The Orange Pricks

Legal Team….is Getting Beaten into

submission by defamation law suits

In fact, their newest angle is “Uhhh

we actually circulated it was all one

big Hoax“. That is Legally now Way

More ‘Damning’. See, It Shows The

Key Element Of it: Intent. Ohh Shit

are All Of ‘You’ Fucked Harder than

The Last Hooker At A Whore House

(<-ALL Fucked)

when the Rest Got the flu. They are

all Legally finished. Ooooooooooops

NOTE: Biden Address the UN in the NYC Featuring
Tackling The Virus kicked off by moron Fascist Shit
Bolsonaro who is Anti-Vaxx. That’s like havin a big
Nazi kick off your bris; this is lunacy times 7 billion

Have A “Safe” Day!

12 Responses to “Debt Douchebags & Legal Hell…”

  1. John Bolger

    Republican’s who spread the Big Lie are LEGALLY fucked!

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