What keeps “losing” every day

with No End in Sight, And Also


getting in worse legal trouble?

The, Entire ‘Republican Party’

ZING! The “Fraudit” they did

turned Out To Have Widened

the Margin of victory favorin’

Biden / Harris. Well, No SHIT

Sherlock. And they really had

no legal right to touch ballots

(No Shit!)

or Do What they did. For you

see; the courts are so gonna

crush Them. And do NOT let

these criminal asshole pricks

use “This” as Proof We Need

racist Election laws. It Is not

This was A clean/secure/fair

honest Election & they know


it. But they will try to lie and

the #’res do not; they fucked

NOTE: 92% Of All Active Duty Military Are
Now vaccinated. Yes protect em so they’ll
protect us; bravo add more with every day
NOTE II: Chicago White Sox Clinch The AL
Central Baby. Bigger things Are comin’ fast

Have A “Safe” Weekend!

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