There will be no government shut

down or Debt Ceiling default now

(<-174 Terrorists)

Well, at Least not until December

and then Republican’s won’t do it

then either. It’s an insane Bluff of

lunatic Asshole levels Not knowin’

Pelosi has the Votes to pass’ it in

Reconciliation, & Mitch ‘Does Not’

It’s Futile Shit. They’re so fucked

Ha ha ha ha! Toothless, old, Dyin

Party Of Racist Fascist Hate Can’t

Get  it?!?!)

Govern, So, STOP Electing these

sociopathic Fossils Of Hate. And,

speaking of Death & hate, ol Ron

Deathsantis is In Deeeep trouble

with voters for “killing gam gam”

& not giving on single shit about

it. In fact, He Correctly Deserves

ALL the Blame in Trying To Just

ignore it, Like that other guy did


saying “It’ll just go away”. BUZZ

Nope It didn’t asshole. You gone

NOTE: “Hell Hath No Furry” Like ‘A Lying Adulteress’
woman busted. Noem cut ties with her Maga boy toy

Have A “Safe” Day!

15 Responses to ““Bastards Bluff” & Deathsantis…”

  1. John Bolger

    There is no Republican Party anymore. Just racist Fascists yelling stupid shit!

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