Now we turn to Infrastructure structure

what’s your function?!?!?!?!?!? (A funny

(It is now!)

callback for School House Rock fans). A

time to make Sure all of Our Crumbling

infrastructure needs a facelift 2 keep up

with the times. This so country needs it,

the jobs that come with it, the tech that

is Installed with It & Makes us All better

as A Nation. And Why one Thing Is now

Building Up, Another, Is Crashing Down

To The Ground; HARD. Turns Out Matty

Gaetz(and others already in jail or soon

(Criminal Creeps!)

to be again like Stone) is goin away to

jail soon. And for (drum roll) the crime

of Sex Trafficking Underage Girls. Well

Of Course He Is! Jeeeez, turns out This

entire Q is just projecting what the R’s

all do. I’d say this’ll “Stain” their entire

Party but it’s way too Late for that. It’s

just who They “Always” were: Immoral

criminals committing heinous hate acts

(“Shit show!”)

Oh & FYI it’s Trans Day of visibility, so

be Kind, Don’t Discriminate & Be Good

NOTE: They Caught The Asian Hate Crime Son
Of A Bitch Who Almost “Killed” The 65 Woman
Good, Throw the Book at Him/Anyone like him
NOTE II: 2 Capitol Police are Suing Orange ass
Over His ‘Incitement’, in The Terrorist Violence
And Legally Speaking, They Will likely win This
‘It’s’ legal troubles & jail time are just beginnin’

Have A “Safe” Day!

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