COVID Vaccines Are Working, we are

falling at great rates. Now is the time


to B 5x’s a vigilant. Stay strong, we

are a lil’ over A Month from likely all

getting more Normalcy. Think about

that. What’s THAT Like? It’ll all Be a

“Bucket of giggles” finding out again

And, While We ALL Slowly, Carefully

come back to Life, DC wants to be a

Recognize┬áState. And, It “likely” Will

be VERY soon. Forget the arguments

against it Vary from ‘Insanely Dumb’,

to outright Racist lunar stuff. Yes, ya

(R’s BS!)

read that Right. Ugh. It will pass and

they will be a Welcome great state to

the family. Oh, speaking of crazy Ass

old Racist White guys; Ron “Yes, I lie

like A dog taking a nap” Johnson is a

Bumbling Pile of Stupid, Who doesn’t

know the “Origins” Of Greenland. So

he Just Tried To “Make It Up”. BUZZ!

Nope, wrong; what a clown. It seems

(<-Idiot Toy)

whatever was Left Standing that was

NOT Burned to the ground by the fat

Orange Hate thing, is now in the self

immolation Process. Remember, One

Sidney Powell, Being “Sued” Into the

stone Age by Dominion? Welp, turns

out her defense is “uh no reasonable

person would consider my lies actual

statements of fact”. HA Ha Ha ha ha!

That makes Dominion’s case air-tight

(<-Exhibit A)

at This Point. Because Idiots that she

Intentionally STOKED, DID. See, the

entire Maga Cabal is over. The fact it

‘lasted’ as long As it did, is disgusting

NOTE: It Seems Fox Isn’t “News”. In Fact, It’s
Never Correct About Much These Days. Ooops
Happy Birthday: Billy Shatner…….AKA Captain
Kirk, Turns 90 Today. Wow, ‘Living The Dream’

Have A “Safe” Day!

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  1. John Bolger

    Mask Rucka Salt!

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