We Are Going to Have 200 Vaccines in

arms in his 1st 100 days. Whooo hooo


Press conference, schmess conference

Today Joey B (It is my new buddy/pal

name for him) had His 1st Big Presser

You Know It’s Bad, Cause Republicans

are howling like a wolf stuck in a bear

trap. And Actual Adult Stood Before A

nation, didn’t lie, Bully or Shit himself

And what Are Republican Solutions to

help voters in nation during a horrible

Pandemic/Economic Strife?! Trying to

Suppress Voters Rights! Ding. What a

(Jim Crow Shit)

pile of hateful douchebags. See, all R’s

have Given up trying to “Win” or “Get”

votes. Now theyre at the “let’s stop all

legal People from Voting” part. Ahh no

In Georgia, R’s Don’t Want Anyone to

vote by Denying water, days, Etc. This

is just Exactly what It looks like. A big

pile Of Hateful Un-American Cheaters

And History is Going to kick there Vile

Villainous Asses To the Curb. Imagine

Knowing NO One Wants The “Canned”

dog shit You’re Selling, so you just try

to shrink the Shelf/competition. Ahhh

that never Works. Never ever never &

they are Doing Everything they can to

(Viola, Hero!)

slink into the darkness, like a foul wet

slippery turd. And hero’s don’t always

wear Capes. So Today Marks 56 years

Since Viola Liuzzo, A Bold Civil Rights

leader Left Detroit To Fight Racism In

Alabama was just shot & Killed at the

age of 39 by KKK Terrorists. All Heart

Note: Awwww Ship! A Big Tanker Got Stuck In
The Suez Canal. Oh Tanks For Nothing. In Fact
It was Like a Clogged Colon. Need the shipping
Version Of A Laxative. Hope They Fix their Shit
RIP: Another Gem, Passed Away At 80. Jessica
Walter From “Archer”, “Play Misty For Me”, And
Arrested Development. She Was, Just The best

Have A “Safe” Day!

3 Responses to “200 In 100 Days & Voter Suppression…”

  1. John Bolger

    Suppress R’s voters suppression. NO!

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