Asian Hate Crimes & Dopes…

March 30th, 2021

With COVID cases rising, but deaths

fallin (COUGH) it’s cause of vaccines


Things’ll get better. But they should

Have ALREADY. Denial ‘Crippled’ us

when Fat Orange Ass/his Dumb-ass

pals DID “NOTHING”. And Now, The

very same People are openin’ way 2

early; AGAIN, jeeeez. And the same

assholes opening early are also very

responsible For The UP-Tick in Asian

American ‘Hate Crimes’. There, is, a

direct Correlation. The ‘dumber’ you

are; the more likely racist you are in

(No More!)

every possible way. Only dumb folks

are racist. Get it? This will not stand

Catch them and Punish Them to the

Fullest extent of the law. All of them

Speaking Of People Who Should ALL

Be Punished; The Entire Republican

Party left Today. You got R-Graham

threatening to “Kill People” With his

clearly non-existent AR15 and other

Dopes Causing more Problems then

(R’s Today)

They Could Ever Solve. They simply

aren’t A Political Party. Just One big

‘conspiracy of hate’ wrapped In Shit

NOTE: Florida, “Tool Box Fraud Machine” Matt
Gaetz’s In some deep DOJ trouble For bappin
A 17 Year Old, On His Dime. The “17 Year old”
Part is criminal, the “On His Dime” is Criminal

Have A “Safe” Day!

2 Responses to “Asian Hate Crimes & Dopes…”

  1. John Bolger

    Stop Hate Crimes. Period!

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