We have 550,761 souls in this pandemic

Let That Number Sink in, REALLY sink In

(Lights Lost)

for A Moment. And, the numbers Are All

falling FAST. While that is Good, the key

here is Vigilance! Maskup, Stay inside If

you can be safe. We’re in the home turn

of “Winning” here. Now, speaking of the

EXACT Opposite; Republican Racist, And

Talking Chode With Ears Chip Roy (YES,

that is his name) decided to Spew THIS:

“There’s “Old Sayings”, In Texas About Find
all the rope in Texas and get a talloOak tree.
You know, we take Justice very seriously, &
we ought to do that, round up the bad guys”

Ahhhh yes, Bring up the illegal criminal

act of lynching which badly stained this


country’s history. YOU are the bad guy

They’re Simply the Racist hate party &

Nothing More. Voters, All Turned Away

But, Some GREAT NEWS finally On the

COVID Front. Biden’s Administration is

poised to have 100 million Vaccines In

arms tomorrow for those of you keepin’

track, that’s 58 days IN, not 100 like It

was promised. WOW. Keep on Working

And, It Turns out, the Maga Meat Head

(Self Ownage)

crowd has turned On It’s fat Racist prick

orange man. Now that “It” got a vaccine

shot, they Hate Him. Ha ha ha, how “on

Brand” Can U get? All Killing themselves

RIP: Dick Hoyt Passes Away At 80. You, Will remember
Him As Pushing His Son In Boston Marathons. He Along
with his son/everything their family did is Boston strong
NOTE: What Is, the Best Improv Funny Funk DJ On The
Interwebs?!?!?!?! Why that’d be Marc Rebillet of Course

Have A “Safe” Day!
(Can’t wait til this is over to take safe out)

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