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And now back to our Regularly Scheduled mass shooting. This one directly targeted (No More!) Asian Massage Parlors. The Shooter, Was caught & jailed. But the Cop, Captain Jay Baker said “He was feed up at the end of his rope….yesterday was a really bad day for Him & this is What He Did”. GTFOOH! […]

With COVID, “Finally” Just Under A lil’ control; now idiot douche spring (<-This idiot) Breakers just wanna Screw it all up BUZZ! Nope. Spring Break, more of A “Spring Fake”. Zing! So, Any Mini Spike that Hits Will be directly from This. Ugh, Morons. It’s Idiocracy All Over Again. We Are Finally Winning against this […]

COVID #’ers are rapidly dropping faster with each passing day. And, (YES!) with much needed stimulus relief, vaccines Hitting 2.9 million Arms in one Day. That’s a record and it is risin’ Each day. It’s working, so leadership makes a big difference Speaking Of People Who Are Very legally Screwed; Michael Cohen is on record […]

We had an actual, human being, with facts, Compassion & Reality Speak to (Kid Calm) our Nation Last Night. What a super nice new Day this is for Our Country In fact, things Are now all “Working” Again. By May 1st, All Adults’ll Have been able to sign up for A vaccine & have A […]

UBC’s, AG’s & SOB’s…

March 11th, 2021

We have lost 542,611 Good people to This COVID Pandemic. YES, The #’ers (Boom!) are coming down Rapidly, But All of those Deaths Hurt. They Ache. They matter. Those Are People lost that’ll never be held, loved or kissed again We Strive Forward, ‘Unphased’ With work still Ahead. A Clear “Sense” of Purpose. Which, Is […]

COVID Relief Bill Passed Today Yes, READ That Again. This Bill (COVID Cash!) was just passed. For millions of Hurting American’s It’s The key to Survival During This Historic pandemic. And so we also Have good News Finally on that front The #ers Are going way DOWN way down. And, So It will all be […]

While COVID Is Finally Lowering, relief is Coming fast & the entire (So Long!) right wing fascist hate Empire is crumbling We all Naturally Turn To The British Royal Monarchy?! (Record Scratch) Wait, what?!?! Yup, Turns Out the Palace has a bit of a “douche bag” problem it really Should be Disinfected. Ya really Gotta […]

With COVID numbers falling, the vaccine Working & our rapid turn (Shots-O-Fun!) around to stop the spread; we’re finally Seeing the light at the end of the Tunnel. Almost thru it now So Stay Focused, Wear A Mask & remain strong. And finally we get some GREAT news, COVID Relief has passed the senate. It […]

COVID is on the run, people are coming Back to Life & the World (Suck it covid!) is so ready for better Days Now We Must do Everything Right so It never Comes Back. And What we DON’T need is Neanderthals fucking everything up again. So Now That The Entire Republican Party solely stands for […]

COVID#’s Are fallin’, we’re Winning and it’s all due to hard tireless work (Boom!) from every 1stline Worker, medical staff, planning & distribution. Yet it still Requires Even More Work, And we will rise to the task. We Will get the COVID Relief Bill passed and It will pass, but Republican’s Are now doing “everything […]

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