COVID cases are rising again, because

we SOME Leaders who’re abject, failed

(<-CDC Director)

Assholes incapable of Ethical, rational

service to Their Voters. We are almost

done. Almost won. But almost doesn’t

count against A Deadly pandemic. We

will Beat This. Mask up, Stay at home,

& get Vaccinated. Oh and Speaking of

people who Do it Right; an Insta-Cart

guy Spotted A Jacked Up, Gun loaded

Killer, in A Publix, BEFORE, He ‘Could’

kill People. It turns Out, is Was NOT A

“Good person with A Gun”, But Rather

(What he had)

a “good person paying attention who

had NO gun”. Score one for the good

guys. And, in “Holy Crap That Guy Is

Bonkers” News, the My Pillow moron

is Spewing More Gibberish Lunacy &

it’s Hilarious. He & All the hateful fat

Turds are literally Creating legal case

exhibits for their Dominion Trials, ha

And As All of this is Happening, what

Are DC Republican “Leaders” doing?!

You Guessed it, playing dipshit dress

(Dress-up Dorks)

up at the Boarder, since They all just

refuse to Actually govern; like all shit

they Do, it Will blow up in their Faces

NOTE: The Trial, Against A Murdering Cop, In
a senseless death of George Floyd just began
Today. Derek Chauvin will be Found Guilty, &
Only “Because” It Was ALL Fully Documented
There’s no escapin the Pleas, the indifference,
Then STILL killing him. Justice Will Be Served

Have A “Safe” Day!

7 Responses to “Insta-Hero, Pillow Talk & Dressup…”

  1. John Bolger

    Dumbass Dressup doesn’t solve problems. Action & specific policies DO

  2. BrandonTaree

  3. BrandonTaree

  4. BrandonTaree

  5. BrandonTaree

  6. BrandonTaree

  7. BrandonTaree

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