While Racist Alabama Republicans Are Literally

yellin “send Omar back!”. That’s “about” white


I Kid, the Klan or Well, ‘Southern’ Republicans

have spoken. Forget shes not even their damn

representative. This is racist hate 101 & is just

ending their party faster than eva. Oh speakin

Of Bullshit Widdle Baby Snowflakes All Melting

in a Puddle Of “Faux Outrage”; a Conservative

columnist Named Bret Stephens Cried like a lil

hit Turd When Called a “Bed Bug” by a college

professor on Twitter. YES, you Read that right

(“Da Fuck?!?!”)

The whole “Snowflake” Bit was just projection

And Aside from Hate & lies it’s all they got left

And, it Is Happening to Every Republican Now

ALL, While Orange Fuckstick Is Plummeting in

swing state polls. Now polls always change but

this is A Harbinger of “Things” to Come people

We are all Turning a corner here to real justice

Have a day!


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