Today, the stock market plunged. And it

has to do with a Couple different Factors


World Markets sagging, this Hong Kong

protest/Democracy rising issue, Europe,

& Trump Playing Trade War Tariffs That

are “Easy” to win…but he can’t seem to

do it. He is good a spewin’ lies and hate

It will bounce back, Because these are a

“bond yield” issues. It’s just hedge fund

Traders, & Brokers ‘Moving’ Their Money

(We Know)

But it does signal a “Recession” looming

In more than 36 cases, Orange Assholes

NAME was directly Invoked In ‘Criminal’

court cases for Hate crimes. That means

his name directly; these don’t include all

the racist hatecrimes done by the people

Who “LOVE” Trump As Well. Think About

that for a moment. Then weep. Then you

(Next Shooter?!?)

should rise, to “Fight” this Hate once and

for all at the ballot box. No more, it’s ova

NOTE: The White Sox WON Big Today In A Wild
Crazy Game With The Likely World Series Astros
NOTE II: Racist Republican Steve King Thinks (I
Know he doesn’t) rape & incest help populations

Have a day!


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