Another week & another “prevention” of a racist

MAGA Loving Mass Shooter. This, Is Some Good

(We Know)

news we all need. Hint: Violent Nazi’s Will “Not”

be Tolerated In this Country. And how bad is It

for Republican Nazi’s?!?!? Well, the Entire world

won’t tolerate them…& for Steve King, an empty

room Spoke VOLUMES. The Fact We are Here is

disgustin’. These heavily Armed racist Nazi’s are

the #1 Domestic terrorist threat in the US today

Hate ruins the Country. It kills our society and it

(So Long Asshole!)

is intentional. It’s not working. These young vile

nothings Are Dropping Like Flies. Only with real

Vigilance, We Can Stop these Immoral Monsters

The racists in office, who are Cops & who are In

any Positions of Power, MUST be Thrown out on

their racist Asses Yesterday. Just like The Killing

Cop who murdered Eric Gardener was just fired

FIVE YEARS LATER; all law enforcement agencies

(Justice 2 Late)

are in Serious need of cleaning out all the racists

& bad cops. Our Country Deserves better leaders

NOTE: US Prison Chief Was Fired Over The Death Of Jeffery
Epstein. Ahhh Yes The Old “Quick, We Are The ‘Reason’ This
Shit Happened, Find Someone to Throw Under The bus now”

Have a day!

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