Epstein Is Found Dead…

August 12th, 2019

It what can only be called “Water is Wet” the

most “important criminal” to Implicate all the

(Teacher, dropout?)

most powerful high profile people is…..dead

He was found Dead in his jail cell AFTER he

tried to Supposedly Kill himself. There are a

LOT of Questions & no answers for this bold

lunacy. And Who is in Charge of lying About

those Answers?!?! You guess it William Barr

YES, you read that correctly. The Guy who’s

Basically Running The DOJ As If it’s Trumps

personal Law Firm, Will Be looking Into This

Wait, Didn’t He “Recuse” Himself From That

(<-Criminal Fraud)

case?!? Nope. He’s A Partisan, lying Fraud &

will be Decimated by this history as they ALL

will be. Don’t Speculate Right Now. Let all of

the Facts Come In. That said this is shady as

ALL fuck lookin’ at the Cold facts of this stuff

A Guy, who Can bring down EVERY side, and

that’s Fine By Me,……….Already “Tried” to kill

himself ends up “dead”. He may have died by

(?’s Galore!)

suicide (possible). The facts will tell the truth

And, everything else is just “noise” until then

NOTE: Rational “Gun Control” Is Overwhelmingly Agreed To
But 90% Plus Citizens. Right Now The ONLY thing Stopping
It Is “Mitch McConnell”/Republicans. We Will Get UBC’s And
Red Flag Laws But not an “Assault Weapons Ban”. It Should

Have a day!


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