In Britain & here In The United States our

very Democracies, Are Being Attacked and


murdered Before Our Very Eyes. What will

we do to defend it?!? Well, it appears fight

And this Fight will ‘legally’ always win. For

Orange Idiot it’s all about denying military

Families Citizenship & Starting a War with

FOX News (Wait, WTF?!?!). Yes, you Read

that correctly. He’s now yelling at the club

of right wing Mickey Mousers who are ALL

for him……While People Who Babysat And

(Racist child)

enabled this Disgusting Racist fuck toddler

BJ in the UK; it’s all about shuttin down an

entire Government. He wants to shut down

Parliament. This is causin’ every sitting MP

to turn on him quickly. Even the Tories will

revolt, leaving Only a “Handful” of hard far

Wing Brexit Leavers. He Will, Be Voted Out

of office with a No Confidence Vote, & then

also vote to end article 50 along with never

(Same Gun!)

allowing A No Deal Brexit (Which Wasn’t In

the original Pitch to “Leave” Voters). These

are heady Days we Live In. Will be repeat a

history of terror evil or reject it. I say reject

Have a day!


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