While Orange Fuckabout ‘thinks’ he can

“nuke” Hurricanes (No, I’m not kidding)

(<-Hurricane Douche)

the rest of the entire free world’s seeing

Bernie Sanders & Elizabeth Warren Now

in the LEAD for the Democratic nominee

2020 Race ‘pushing’ Biden down. This is

very interesting and It’s showing a Slight

shift In Voters demands. We’ll see If this

holds, or even Widens in the next 6 or so

months (It likely will) but now across the

Pond In France; We Have Rump Shitting

the Bed with Sheer lunacy. Including this

(We Know)

Crazy ‘Praise’, For Putin, B-J (Yes, Boris J

is now B-J to me forever) while lyin’ bout

Obama/Russia. He was Busted on It by a

Reporter; And As ALL this is happening it

is now Clear, Chumps “Coal” People Crew

are Done with him by Physically SITTING

on traintracks BLOCKING all coal supplies

They did the work, they got stiffed on pay


(Gee just like Trump does) & aren’t going

to Take it. The Country Supports them All

NOTE: MORE Republicans Dropping Out Of “Key”
Races Daily, Causing The End To The Republican
party. Bang up work Trumpy! It’s all comin down
And The “Tea Party”, Was ALL Bullshit. ALL OF IT
NOTE II: Colts QB Andrew Luck, Retires After the
short career with injuries; good 4 him much love
He has every ex-players support, you can book it

Have a day!


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