The Immoral Cowards…

October 5th, 2018

Continue their fall. Collins will vote “Yes” on

Kavanaugh. The three Biggest cowards in all


of this Mess will be Flake, Manchin & Collins

Just Remember, do not Despair, do not Lose

hope, and do Not Quit. Yes, Senators who’ve

all Clearly Lost their way vote tomorrow, but

WE Vote, ‘November 6th’. Elections DO Have

consequences. So use this Hurt, pain & overt

anger As Fuel. For The Darkest, Most Hateful

among us, always want you to quit. It makes

their Jobs Of Abuse Easier. Nope, I Will Fight!

NOTE: Chicago Police Officer, Jason Van Dyke, With
A Guilty Verdict. Murder In The 2nd Degree. Justice

Have a weekend!

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