Dow Down; Dummy Distraction…

October 11th, 2018

The Market looks a ‘LOT’ like it Did Under W

Bush these last 2 days. Highly volatile 2,000

(We remember)

point Nose Dive. It’s the Worst 2 day slide in

since February. Should ‘Recover’ since it just

seems to be a “Sell Off” which lasts around 3

days, but be wary. As we deal with a missing

reporter, a Hurricane rescue/clean up, and a

country will a Loud lying Hateful Orange Idiot

in charge, don’t be distracted by Kayne West

He’s not a “genius”; he’s a seriously mentally

ill man Who Likely Needs Massive Help. Oh &


he doesn’t know the 1st Fucking Thing about

US History, facts, Economics, math or reality

This insane Oval Office Lunacy, is Something

to Be ‘Pitied’ And Worried About, Not Mocked

NOTE: Another Republican usin Voter Suppression
Water’s Wet, Sky’s Blue & That’s really all They do
Rise Up, ‘DO NOT ALLOW THIS’ Overt Felony Folks
NOTE II: Kavanaugh, Now Has Judicial Misconduct
Complaints Working Their way Through The Courts
Via SCOTUS Justice Roberts. Oooooooooooooooops

Have a day!

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