In an act of cowardice so disgusting that the

entire World Took Notice: Flake, Collins And

(<-Disgusting Liar)

a hand of others allowed Bart O’Kavanugh a

seat On The SCOTUS. And, Make No Mistake,

this is a bad Situation, sure. But now the real

fight Begins. As The Toilet Paper Shoe Moron

does His Usual ‘Collection Of Dumbfuckery’ it

is Painfully Clear the “Country” only has ONE

choice to fight. That is, to VOTE. Rise up and

begin this fight. With no Seats In Office, they

hold less power. Sure, they will still Use their

lobbying power. But if we Elect clean, honest,

(Yes please)

candidates, that Bullshit stops. Go register to

vote, help others, canvas your Neighborhood

and spread the Word. The Only that Stops us

from winning this, is Apathy/Anarchy. Do not

let THAT Happen. Not Voting, Means You Can

not Bitch about what’s Happening. Period. Go

begin To Fight TODAY. I fight everyday to win

NOTE: Seems Taylor Swift Picks The Side Of Justice
And, That Bothers ‘All’ OF The FAR Right Snowflakes
This shows folks are paying attention to Policies now

Have a day!

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