As Brett O’Kavanugh sinks to the bottom of Lake

Bullshit, The FBI Is Speaking With And Recording

(<-Dean McAdam buy!)

everything that he lied about…under oath. These

are SERIOUS Problems. Some one Drinking a lot

in High School or College isn’t the Issue. It never

really was. It’s A 53 Year Old JUDGE LYIN’ About

it. And right now, all of his Tiny lies for no reason

are now gettin to be much bigger lies under oath

Four of his Yale classmates and many other have

all stated he “lied” About His Drinking Habits And

was not evenclose. It also seems that Kavanaugh

KNEW Deborah Ramirez, Even Texting Friends to


get them to “Refute” her claim before it was ever

made Public by Her. How Does One not “Know” a

person, but expects them to “Come forward”?!?!?

That’s a real head scratcher. As the immoral Slog

of ‘Partisan Republican Goose Stepping Boots’ All

makin’ noise; bout 10 of them aren’t havin’ it and

might be the Only Non-partisan salvation of us all

NOTE: Trumps Tax Scheme Is In The Sunlight Now
And, Mueller “Likely Already Knows About This” ALL
NOTE II: Seems, Lindsay Graham, Disagrees WITH
Lindsay Graham. Yes, What A “Partisan Lying Hack”

Have a day!

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