As Michael Pummels Panama City & Tally

in Florida all we “Hope For” is everyone’s


safe. Take Shelter if You’re riding it out, &

know it’s passing now. Just be safe, & stay

indoors. Crazy Won’t help you. Speakin’ of

“Crazy” in Trumpland, They Are all Mad at

Taylor Swift of Getting Brisk Voting, boom

Ooooooops. This all means Nothing Unless

everyone VOTES Before November 6th, Or

on it. If Voter turn out Is the highest it has

ever Been. That Means Trump R’s Will now

go down. Only YOU can Effect that Change

NOTE: Stock Market Tumbles Badly And I’ll
Bet Trump Blames Obama Or Someone Else
Instead, Of His Own Fucking “Treasury Note”
Yield Of 3.193% and The Market Lost 3.15%

Have a day!

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