After Trump Attacked Dr. Ford, Which Is Par

for the super Prick Golf course, It seems that

(<-Immoral fuck)

some Republicans Aren’t Having it. Gee, did

they “NOT” Know who Trump is?!?!?! This is

not a shock. How the ever Lovin’ fuck R they

now just “learning” who he is. Well, they are

going to be Up for re-election and if they are

hoping to Win in “Moderate States”, this Shit

is like a lead Balloon…It won’t fly. And if any

of Them Now Vote “Yes”, they were not at all

“Upset” about Trumps Comments. Their Vote


Is Now Directly ‘SUPPORTING’ Those Heinous

vile disgusting views. The choice is theirs and

it remains Seen if They Stand with Hate, or if

they stand with a Country which was founded

on truth, justice & the law. No pussy grabbing

NOTE: More Attorney’s Are Being Let Go In The
Mueller ‘Investigation’, A Clear Sign, Things ARE
Winding Down. After All, He’s Got All the pieces,
Players & Proof. Trump & Crew Are About To Go
Down. They, Should All Be VERY Panicked NOW!

Have a day!

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