Trump and the entire Reich Wing Hate Bubble

are doin’ what they always do. Ratchet up the

(Can’t spell FLA)

hate to 9 Billion. And Who does Trump blame

for these Terrorist bombs?!?! The Media?!?!?!

Ohhhhhh Trump can not Fuck off fast enough

Along with the choir of lies, hate, division and

lunacy from the entire republican party. More

bombs were found makin it 10 total as of now

This isn’t a Game. It is pure evil, it’s Domestic

terrorism, And The Perpetrator (s) Will ALL Be

caught. Some were mailed in Florida and so it


will be 1 Day/2 At Most When We see Footage

Of the terrorist(s). See, Unlike these Dumbass

fuckers most all of Society knows Cameras are

everywhere. Sarah Huckabee Sanders Did one

even way Worse. She lied so badly saying that

“Trump has “Condemned” all violence”. No, he

actually did Not. He ‘Supported’ the Prick who

body slammed a Reporter, told his Rallies that

he would “Pay” For The Legal Bills if They Hurt

others, And is One of the MAIN Reasons for All


of our county’s divisions today. She’s pure evil

History will treat these scum for what they are

NOTE: Chuck ASSley Partisan Lying Republican Old
Fart Wants A “Criminal” Investigation, Into The 2nd
Accuser Julie Swetnick. This Will “Blow Up” In Their
Faces. They are now, in going after Her, are Getting
More Facts That Can HURT Kavanaugh. Oooooooops
NOTE II: Steven Bannon weighed into the midterms
By Holding A “Rally” For R’S, In Upstate NY, & NONE
Showed Up. At One Rally he had Only 38 showed up

Have a day!

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