If that is even humanly Possible. Yes, he’s now lying

at a “rate” with such lunacy, it’s even way more than

(Body Snatcher)

this usual bullshit. Let’s call it his Mid-term Bullshit

Extravaganza racist edition of “lies”. Here they are

-“Criminals & unknown Middle Easterners are in the Caravan”
-“The Democrats have launched an assault on the sovereignty
of our country, the security of our nation and the safety of every
American” (That’s just grade A Projection since R’s control it all)
-A Democratic victory in November would be a bright flashing
invitation to every trafficker, smuggler, drug dealer and illegal
alien on the planet. Come on in, folks” (No, it’s not true at all!)

His “Fear Mongering & Lies” Are His big “Plan”. Well

that’s Not A Strong “Plan” To Get Independents And

his base isn’t growing. It’s shrinking badly. Then the

racism directly reared up again. His is a “Nationalist”

and he is white; he simply stated to the whole world

he is a White Nationalist. We Already Knew this, But

(We know!)

there is no more hiding exactly who he is and he just

If Voter Turn out is “Massive”, that favors Democrats

It always has. Well, people sure Are Pissed off, but it

isn’t Trumpers. They Always Pissed Off Because they

are Always ignorant of WHY they are. You must Vote

Have a day!

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