Hot Debates & Hate Sent…

October 24th, 2018

Debates are being had all over the country in

tight races. Abrams VS Kemp and the Sparks

(Polices 1st!)

flew fast with Voter Suppression charges and

they landed squarely on Kemp. They are in a

Dead Heat right Now. Kemp has a 1.5% lead

but appears to be shrinkin due to early Votes

And in Florida, The Sunshine State We See A

growing ‘Lead’ For Progressive Voice Andrew

Gillum over a “Bigoted Trump Troll” DeSantis

And while this is going we have Racists & evil

(This is evil)

fuckers sending Bombs to Peoples Homes. It

is UNACCEPTABLE vile shit. IT is Terrorism &

will not stand. Violence & hate from any side

will be Punished to The Fullest extent of laws

NOTE: White Supremacist Trumper Was Arrested
For Inciting Riots. These Are not Humans they’re
Tiny Nothing Terrorists. “Jail” them all, this is Evil
Three others were arrested 2 Throw away the key

Have a day!

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