The sheer Horror of the events on Saturday are

only matched by the racist hateful violence that

(All day)

is found Almost Exclusively on The FAR RIGHT

There’s simply no equivalence 2 this hate or of

extreme Violence On The Left. Period. Full stop

And what Does Trump, Sanders & all the Right

wingers In Media Doing?!?!?! Turning “UP” The

hate. Blaming The “Media” for their Own Words

of immoral racist hate in always stokin’ violence

are laid at No One elses feet, just those who are

spewing it. This is not only incitement, They are

actively doing Nothing to discourage his base of

(All Registered R’s)

hateful “Followers” to Commit Acts Of Domestic

terrorism. In fact, they Are actively justifying it

and are clearly gettin a “I will provide your hate

“Cover” And Not Condemn You”. NOTHING, Like

this has happened in the United States. Nothing

This will not STAND. Our country to about to all

send a Loud Message Next Tuesday. VOTE! And

Domestic Terrorism is As Serious as it gets & we

as a Country Will Not Allow This Hate Ever Again

(We Know)

To add, it always seems in “mass shootings” that

fucking AR-15 Makes An Appearance Far to Much

The Only “Enemy” of the people are Racists, hate

& Immoral Sociopaths Unable To Condemn Them

NOTE: Jimmy Carter Asked R Brian Kemp To Step Down
Due To 53,000 Voter Registrations being Denied Because
They Are ‘Minorities’ Who Will Vote Democratic. EVIL Ass

Have a day!

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