Mid-Term Madness!

October 31st, 2018

As V-Day rapidly Approaches, the Orange

shit storm is throwing everything possible


at the wall to see what Distracts Or Sticks

This isn’t about policy, government or law

It’s about one Thing. FEAR. It is all Tricks

& no Treats. So while Trump’s Costume Is

a HAIRY Asshole Everyday, the Rest of us

Turn To VOTING, Canvasing, Calling, And

driving Souls To The Polls! It is high early

turn out right Now a Week Away. That SO

favors Democrats. More votes, they win &

less Votes, Republicans win. Ooooooooops

(Times up!)

Let Trump spew Racist hate and fight with

Ryan/other asshole Republicans. They got

no Solutions To Problems, No Policies and

no New or good Ideas. The Entire Country

will let Them ALL know This loudly on Nov

6th. Tick Tock, Tick Tock. Voting Will Rock

NOTE: It Seems That Mueller May Have Already
Subpoenaed Trump. Yes you read that correctly
A Witness Was Subpoenaed & From the findings
It Just May Be Trump. A Judge Recused Himself
And he only Worked In The Trump White House
If It IS Trump, the Special Counsel Has WON all
Legal Appeals By This Mystery Witness And Sets
the trial Date as December 14th. Oh my What A
Merry Christmas, Our Country ‘Might’ Just HAVE
NOTE II: Whitey Bulger, Was Murdered by Mafia
shits in jail/won’t Post the names cause Fuck em

Have a Happy Halloweenis!

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