Truly Scary Times…

October 30th, 2018

All Of Pittsburgh Told Trump “Ahem, You Are

not welcome”. Over 2,000 protestors showed

(Victims Remembered)

up to Say that to Trump & Trophy Hooker #3

While Trump, Is Calling To “Ban All Birthright

citizenship”, the rest of The Country’s Getting

ready To VOTE. Make No mistake. This is just

a “tactic”. A Poor one at that, but still a Tactic

to rile his hateful base. It worked In 2016 but

won’t work in 2018. See he’s already in power

Been this Way for 2 Years. And Aside from his

super racist base, they don’t like what they’ve

(We Will!)

seen from his man. This entire “Caravan” shit

is a distraction with Red Meat for base that Is

Shrinking/Dying off. Please Proceed, and next

week will Will all VOTE, VOTE, VOTE against it

NOTE: Mueller Asks FBI To look Into Claims that
Women Were Offered Money To Fabricate Sexual
Assault Claims Against Him. I’m Calling It RIGHT
Now. Mueller, will ‘Arrest’, Charge, & JAIL Trump
Who Ever These People Are They Will Have “Ties”
To Trump/RNC. This Is No Game People Its done

Have a day!

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