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Ya Been “Bait & Switched”…

February 13th, 2018

Ya were Warned, cautioned & told to stop Trump TOLD you who he was, you ignored (Truth) it, lied to yourself and Created This insanity You suckers, chumps, rubes, marks, dopes, stooges, saps, pigeons, tools, fools & losers Trump Cutting/Gutting all The Shit he SAID He Wouldn’t. Stuff Like Food Stamps, Social Security, Medicaid, And […]

Ohhhhhh Boy, here we Go. Trumps bigly “Infrastructure Plan” is Exactly what you (Hur Derp!) would think it is. It’s listed at $1.5 trillion but only $200 Billion comes from Our US congress. The Rest, comes from business deals Turning Over all these Jobs to a big bidding War at the state level or they […]

The DOW Fell ANOTHER 1,000 points today Meaning It has has Almost “Dropped” 3,000 (We All Do) Points In 7 Days With Friday, Monday & Just today bein’ the biggest sell offs. So it’s not a “panic” time cause the market was inflated & you’re watchin’ investors prep for an interest rate Hike and Any […]

Lil’ Dick & Porter Quits…

February 7th, 2018

The Orange Idiot wanna be dictator wants “Military parades”. Going to an all military (Bone Spur Bob) High School Myself, & Graduated as a first Lieutenant, they’re fun. But if you’re Potus demanding them, it’s a Dictator move. Let us Call Him Lil’ Dick if you will. With Devin Nunes runnin silently away from reporters […]

And, Lunacy Continues…

February 6th, 2018

An actual Illinois Nazi Is running for office on The Republican Ticket, Trump Wants A (<-Anal Plug) “shut down” if he doesn’t get a wall & now ‘Human Trump Anal Plug’ Sean Hannity, is positive the stock market plunge was really “Obama’s Fault”. Ha Ha ha ha ha ha. FUCK OFF!! And Speaking of Utterly […]

Seems Republicans are royally fucked & they all seem to know it. It’s all over but (<-Bullshit Factory) the crying. And My BEST Guess Is All of the Devin Nune’s in the party are helpin Trump For One Reason. THEY are on all of the Carter Page Surveillance. Oooops Now Devin “I’ll Be Joinin’ Kushy, […]

It’s Groundhog Day…

February 2nd, 2018

Which means The Republicans Saw Their Shadow after releasing a partisan nothing memo meaning (We Know) it’s another 6 weeks of Mueller. This Will go down as a massive mistake & actually speeds all of this up Even Faster. Carter Page was Already ‘ON’ the FBI’s Watch Since 2013. All This “Memo” Did Was show […]

Hope Hiccups & Mangled Memo…

February 1st, 2018

Mueller & His Entire Investigation are speaking to Mark Corallo, On Hope Hicks, & Pointed Out (Oooops) to them he “believes” she obstructed Justice by saying the Don Jr’s E-mails Will Never “Get out” They “Got Out” & Showed He Took A Meeting to “Get Dirt” On Clinton FROM Russia. They will all be “Singing” […]

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