Hope Hiccups & Mangled Memo…

February 1st, 2018

Mueller & His Entire Investigation are speaking

to Mark Corallo, On Hope Hicks, & Pointed Out


to them he “believes” she obstructed Justice by

saying the Don Jr’s E-mails Will Never “Get out”

They “Got Out” & Showed He Took A Meeting to

“Get Dirt” On Clinton FROM Russia. They will all

be “Singing” Like A Fucking Choir. Only hold out

is Manafort & With Gates Down, He Best Sing Or

that Time Goes; & it’s Jail time for the rest of his

short life. See, they Already Basically “Got” what

they want. This is Now Going on the “Record” to

(“It’s over”)

confirm it. Oh & speakin’ Of Super Disco Fucked

Trump & the WH plan on releasin’ their partisan

“Utterly out of context hit piece” Memo. So, you

fucks Already Feuding With The DOJ/FBI/CIA all

want to publicly slug them in the Face with lies?!

Well Then, Please Proceed. This’ll Be Yet Another

Direct ‘Documentation’ Of Obstruction With WAY

more Republican’s who are Directly doing it. Ohh

please, do It. You Treasonous Treacherous frauds

are terrified making Enormous mistakes & are all

(All Going Down)

playing a Deadly Game here. GOOD. Their skin is

in it Now, & That Means Jail Time For All Of Them

Release it Or Not, Simply doing this Drum beat of

Obstruction Against The DOJ/FBI Will now Simply

ensure they are ALL on the radar for charges now

Ya just went to War with the fuckin’ United States

NOTEĀ  : Ex-CIA Chief John Brennan Called All Those
“Memo” Republicans Out, For Their Overt “Reckless
Partisan Behavior”. This Speeds Up, Trumps Demise

Have a day!

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