Ya Been “Bait & Switched”…

February 13th, 2018

Ya were Warned, cautioned & told to stop

Trump TOLD you who he was, you ignored


it, lied to yourself and Created This insanity

You suckers, chumps, rubes, marks, dopes,

stooges, saps, pigeons, tools, fools & losers

Trump Cutting/Gutting all The Shit he SAID

He Wouldn’t. Stuff Like Food Stamps, Social

Security, Medicaid, And ‘Medicare’. Yep, You

Fucking Idiots Just Slit Your Own Throat’s in

Every Possible Way. When, Will You Fucking

morons LEARN?!?!?!? Whatever Republicans


are Telling you They Will do, They ALWAYS

get in Office doing the OPPOSITE. Just look

Nixon, Check. Reagan, Check. Oh W. Bush,

Check. Now Trump, ‘Bigly’ Check. Those of

us Who STUDY History Are NOT doomed to

repeat it. As for Ya lost suckers, enjoy it all

The Entire Rational World ‘Told’ You Exactly

Who Trump Was. You ignored it, He Fucked

(Burn on!)

you all. And will you learn a damn thing?!?!

Only time will tell, & Most of country gets it

NOTE : A New Political HERO Who Is So Very
Greatly Needed Right Now She’s An American
Hero, Period. She Simply Told The Body Who
Paid $ For Their Votes On Givin All Of The Oil
Company Rights To Drill On Private Land. SO,
They silenced Her and Removed Her By Force
It’s Fascism 101 Un- American & Violates Law
NOTE II : The FBI Director, Appointed By The
Orange Anus, Corrected Trumpy, & WH Again
Over Their Rob Porter clearance Lies In Sayin’
“The FBI is still holding up their decision”. No,
They ‘DENIED’ His Clearance Over The Abuse
Proof Back In July. Oooooooooooooooooooops
Trump, & Crew Fucked With The Wrong Folks

Have a day!

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