And, Lunacy Continues…

February 6th, 2018

An actual Illinois Nazi Is running for office

on The Republican Ticket, Trump Wants A

(<-Anal Plug)

“shut down” if he doesn’t get a wall & now

‘Human Trump Anal Plug’ Sean Hannity, is

positive the stock market plunge was really

“Obama’s Fault”. Ha Ha ha ha ha ha. FUCK

OFF!! And Speaking of Utterly insane idiots

Trump is Now in The “Anger” Part Of the 5

Stages Of Death/Jail. It, Is Called “DABDA”

Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression And

finally Acceptance. He will Never get to the

(Times Up!)

final two; see he’s a lying racist moron fuck

sociopath Incapable of Feelings. The Entire

Republican Party today are all intentionally

lying, picking a Fight with Their own DOJ &

FBI/CIA while Ignoring Reality. This insane

tactic, Will lead to Their Entire Party’s utter

collapse. When All you do Is Lie for a living,

cheat, abuse others, hurt others, Ignore the

law, Launder Russian $, Obstruct Justice, &


ignore Our Constitution, There Will be such

a cataclysmic Reckoning; they ALL go down

NOTE : I Guess Dump Jr Doesn’t “Think” His
Fathers “OVERT Racism” Qualifies as “REAL”
Racism. Ohh I see. Just Like When You’re So
Jailed, That Will Not Be “Real Jail” Then?!?!?!
RIP: John Mahoney At 77. Such A Wonderful
Actor, Talent And Human Being. We Will Not
Forget His Amazing Work. What A Great Man

Have a day!

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