Lil’ Dick & Porter Quits…

February 7th, 2018

The Orange Idiot wanna be dictator wants

“Military parades”. Going to an all military

(Bone Spur Bob)

High School Myself, & Graduated as a first

Lieutenant, they’re fun. But if you’re Potus

demanding them, it’s a Dictator move. Let

us Call Him Lil’ Dick if you will. With Devin

Nunes runnin silently away from reporters

refusin to answer if Trump helped craft the

“Partisan lie Memo”, he has now outed him

self as a sure part of the investigation. The


fact Is, You Wouldn’t Protect Trump unless

he and MANY other Republicans are on the

Carter Page Surveillance. Oooooooooooops

Wife Beating Porter Quits

White house Staff secretary Rob Porter, just

quit. But why?!?!?! Oh, Turns out he likes to

(So Long!)

BEAT & Abuse his Ex-wives. A lot!!!! Trump

hires only the Best liars, Racists & Shit wife

Beaters. The Best! And, Trump Lackey John

Kelly, defended him as a “Man of honor and

true integrity”. Ahhhhhhh Yes, Beaters Of A

feather ALL stick Together is my best guess

It will All come out soon enough as they Fail

These people have no Honor, morals, or any

sense of humanity. They’re sad failed frauds

NOTE : Some ‘Good News’ In Ruby Red MO.
For Democrats, “Who Won” A R House Seat
It All Means Nothing, Without Voting People
November Approaches Fast My Friends. Yes

Have a day!

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