Ohhhhhh Boy, here we Go. Trumps bigly

“Infrastructure Plan” is Exactly what you

(Hur Derp!)

would think it is. It’s listed at $1.5 trillion

but only $200 Billion comes from Our US

congress. The Rest, comes from business

deals Turning Over all these Jobs to a big

bidding War at the state level or they just

HAND it over to the states. Even the ones

struggling With Their Own Budgets. Ohhh

There’s a REASON Company’s don’t do all

Of, ‘OUR’ Roads/Bridges/Infrastructure. If


they did they jack up prices…..taxes go up

The Reason, ‘GOVERNMENT’ Does it better

is the job is done for A Fraction of the cost

No ‘Over-Head’, Marketing, ETC. There are

things the free market does better and this

shit isn’t one of them. Never has been, and

it Bleeds Budgets DRY. It’s so Horrible, the

CBO Will Score it lower than the lowest low

(We know)

And Trumps ‘Fucked Up Tax Cuts’ Already

had that fucking honor. Don’t buy this shit

NOTE: Massive Racist Caught On Video. Oh
Boy, Guess Who. A Nasty Hateful Woman Is
Caught On Camera Using Racist Slur For No
Reason At All, Except She’s Filled With Hate
She Was Promptly Fired, From Her Producer
Job At WSVN. This Is “Sadly” Where It Is At
Today & When She Said “Finally I said it out
Loud!!” Has A Very Chilling Effect And Hurts

Have a day!

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