Seems Republicans are royally fucked &

they all seem to know it. It’s all over but

(<-Bullshit Factory)

the crying. And My BEST Guess Is All of

the Devin Nune’s in the party are helpin

Trump For One Reason. THEY are on all

of the Carter Page Surveillance. Oooops

Now Devin “I’ll Be Joinin’ Kushy, Don Jr.

And, Trumpinski In Jail” Nunes; Claimed

That Trump Never Meet the 1 Guy, Who

plead Guilty George Papadopoulos, all of

this…despite being Selected on his Great

Foreign Advisers Committee in a PHOTO


with Him. Ooooooooooooooooooooooops

Their lies are getting worse each day and

Mueller’s Investigation isn’t At all fucking

amused. And what is The Racist lying ass

Divider and Thief Doing?!? Usual asshole

Twitter Tantrums. He Is Getting SO BAD

the bully turd is Repeating himself with a

“Little Adam Schiff” ALA “Little Marco” in

the asshole planet debates. Trump is just

terrified. And he Should be. This is NOT a

(We Know)

fucking game; the jail time will be serious

He’s a fuckin moron whos about to go bye

NOTE : The Stock Market, TANKED Today
And It’s A Record Position Sell Off, That It
Hurt Losing 1,100 Points The Most In One
Day. It Just Lost Over 1,841 Points In The
Last 4 Days. Tomorrow Best Stabilize or It
We’re In A World Of “Financial Hurt” Folks
NOTE II : What A Wild Super Bowl It Was
One Of The Best I’ve Seen In Years Like A
Heavy Weight Fight Back & Forth. A GOAT

Have a day!

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