The Shooter From Yesterdays horror’ll not

be named here. He deserves NOTHING, &

(So Sad!)

no attention at all. But turns out he was a

BIG Trumper White Supremacist terrorist

group. He “Trained” with them. This Is so

Very Deadly Shit here people. Trump CUT

FBI Funding to root out and combat these

Domestic Terrorists. If Nothing changes it

will only get Worse as days pass by; it will

Become, An ‘Epidemic’, Murdering 1,000’s

This, Is DEADLY Serious. Our ‘Country’, Is

(Mass Killers)

falling Apart. While There was a hero who

was Coach Using his own Body to shield a

group of students, he died. This shit is SO

disgustingly Sad. Such A sad Heavy Heart

Have a day!

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