Russian Meddling Charges…

February 16th, 2018

Uh oh. Muellers team just charged 13 Russians

for Meddling in The 2016 Election. Oooooooops!

(More To Come!)

This is “not” a good Sign at all for Trumper and

crew. This investigation is heating up. This isn’t

a game and they should all be terrified. You can

bet Many Of Them Will Roll like Kids down a Hill

Trumps Weeks are goin’ to get worse by the day

and it is ALL well Deserved for a lying Racist ass

NOTE: This Isn’t A Mental Illness Problem, And It
Isn’t A Mental Detector Problem. It Is, The Guns!!
NOTE II: The Students, And Victims Of This Gross
Unacceptable Tragedy Are Leading The Way Givin’
Me Rare Hope Over The Feckless Soulless Political
Frauds In Congress, Bribed To Ignore All Of These
Deaths Good For Them Future Leaders That Make
Me Proud. If You Are Looking For My Suggestions,
My Friend Chad Denning “Posted” This Excellence

Have a day!

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