Republican Party Politicians, Trumper’s, Far Right

wing talkin’ hate outlets. Ya Already lost this fight


You “lost” It before it started. There’s no debate to

even have. And the More they All Attack these Kids

the sooner our change occurs. Proceed you soulless

Immoral lyin’ Assholes. Dana Loesch has Two faces

One To The Town Hall, & One With Her CPAC losers

They are utterly Undone Running scared so it’s only

a list Of Buzzwords, Hate, Personal Attacks And lies

The NRA now stands for Nobody Reacts Accordingly

(<-Lying Fraud!)

They’re Terrified & you know what? They should be

There Will Be Significant Change from these People

demanding Change. BE One of Them. Make change

Republican’s are a progressive making factory and I

say, keep speaking your hate. It’s working out great

New Mueller Charges!

And he is not remotely Fucking around. This entire

Administration is Going Down. They all are. I don’t

(Yes it is!)

say This lightly. He Just Filed 32 new counts of Tax

charges Against Manafort. Now, They Already have

most Everything They Need From Flynn, Gates, the

Russian Lawyer, Who Plead Guilty, & Papadopoulos

They, Don’t NEED Manafort. He, Will Die in Jail And

there’s “Nothing” He Can Do. Unless, He Has Better

new Shit to offer. If He Rolls, fine. If he does not, It

Really, Won’t Matter. And, Everyone Around Trump

Is Terrified. Ohhhh, Guess what?!?! They Should be

(“Lie to me again”)

This isn’t Only About Laundering, it’s directly about

Working With Russia. Kushner, Done. Don Jr, Done

Pence, done. Sessions, done. Finally Trump…..Done

NOTE: Trump’s “Idea” Is Give Teacher Guns To Arm
Them. Fuuuuuuuuuuuck Off, You Insane Idiots. That
Is Like Dumping Gas Into A Spreadin’ Fire When The
Goal Is To Put It Out. Change Is Coming, VERY FAST
Trumps Isn’t Just A “Moron”, Even Morons Have The
Capacity To Change. Ohh Teachers Have A Response

Have a day!

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