All of our hearts are shattered apart today

It’s hard to type this. Truly, honestly, very

(Broken Heart)

Hard. ANOTHER Mass Shooting Today in

our kill box masqueradin’ as a democracy

17+ High School Students Are DEAD and

maybe 30+ severally injured. This was in

Parkland Florida. Our Daughter Is there &

had Friends in That School who were both

injured and Died!!!! We Are WAY Past the

“Well, thoughts & prayers” Do Nothing BS

(We Know)

WAY past it. When 93% Of All Citizens Do

‘Want’ Universal Background Checks UBC,

Mental Health Screening And Also Assault

weapon limitations…..BUT the NRA gets a

Congress to “look the other way” this is so

“Unacceptable”. Period. No, Other Modern

Country Goes Through this. Not, ONE ever

Made my thoughts fairly clear on Facebook


So feel free to check it out there if you like

It’s Stormy Time

Seems Chumps Lawyer violated their NDA

when he went Public disclosing that THEY

(She’s Talking)

paid Her off. Oooooooooooooooooooooops

Now Stormy will tell her story and you can

bet, Trump will be, as usual, looking worse

daily. As if that’s even remotely possible &

he has Jail Time likely coming. My guess is

there Will Be, Some “Disgustingly Hideous”

shit. In a World Where Trump Is President,

the insanity of it keeps on going………..Until

(Hi Don!)

Mueller / DOJ /FBI/Grand Jury All Pull The

Plug On The Orange Anus Chew Toy Scum

Have a day!

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