SCOTUS Slap, Dipfucks Delusion…

February 26th, 2018

Supreme Court decided ending DACA is Not

an option for Trump shits. Oooooooooooops


Seems it’s not remotely legal. And today the

Staute of Liberty, puff out her chest, and she

counter Punches Thanks in Large Part to The

“Judiciary” Following The laws of Our land. It

is AWESOME. This Fight Has Just Begun And

The “Dreamers” are Safe for Now. But this is

a fight For Them, legally. All this does is kick

(Step Back!)

the can Down the Road until after November

We need a full Fix & a fair one. Flip Congress

School Shooting Trump Believes…

That he would have “Run in there” even if he

“Didn’t have A Weapon”. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha ha!


What a lyin pile of douche. Didn’t bone spurs

get 5 deferments from Nam? Yes, yes he did

Didn’t he cower from a Bald Eagle?!? Yes, he

did. Didn’t he Jump & Try To Hide From right

behind his podium?!? YES. First, he can’t run

Into Anything. That, Includes McDonald’s, Or

KFC. He could Waddle Or Bully his way into a

(No Shit!)

photo shoot, but little else. Mueller is coming

for the Orange Anus. He is gonna get “worse”

NOTE: BIG Special Election In Arizona Tomorrow
Flip This District, You Can Do Arizona, VOTE!!!!!!!
My Pick Would Be Progressive Brianna Westbrook
NOTE II: Trump “Used” The Shooting Victims Pics
In The Hospital for Campaign Material. Disgusting

Have a day!

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