You know by Now The Parkland High School

Students By Now. You Also Know what all of


the right did in trying to claim they are just a

group Of “Paid Actors”. It’s not Just low, evil,

hateful, immoral and Destructively hurtful. It

means They Are WINNING An Argument That

should never Have Been one in the First Place

Oh, & pssssssssst, they are Young Voters who

will NEVER Choose you Fuckers and ALL know

Social Media A LOT Better Then You Old Shits

Sociopaths never know When To Stop. That is

(Sick Fucks)

why they most Always get Caught. It is baked

in the cake. It’s a feature, not a bug. And they

only have Shoot The Messenger, Projection, &

more Fallacies then you can conceive. What is

clear they don’t have, is A Plan. And time’s up

Unforgiven CPAC

You fuckers own this Nazi racist hate now and

forever. If you are A Republican Today, We all

(Nazi Twins!)

know EXACTLY where you Stand. Not for any

religion, morals, country, love, justice or laws

Simply Hate. You Bring in Le Pen & shun one

other sack of Shit in D-Souza solely cause of

political Blow Back Without Realizing That the

worst is Le Pen (both suck). These Land Mines

you fuckers are daily steppin on were planted

by YOU. Now you will Watch your entire Show

of hate implode. You deserve “Everything” you

got comin’. In this case, “deserving” has every

(Pick It Up!)

THING to do With it. Oh & super Far right Gun

nuts (Not the Normal Gun Owner) You Are the

KID In This Movie. Your fantasy’s are not at all

reality. And the “sooner” you Find that out, the

sooner you will learn. This isn’t a fucking game

NOTE : Republicans, Lose Millions Of “Russian”
Twitter Followers. Oooooooops. And, With This
New Indictment For The “Russian Lawyer” Will
Force Trumps Tweets To Be Crazier. He is Very
Terrified. And, He Really Should BE. Tick Tock!

Have a day!

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