Hope you Guys has a stellar Presidents’ Day

The Apostrophe, Means All, So Trump Won’t


likely be able to share….and since he Shares

nothing in Common with the Best One’s who

fucking Cares?!?!?! Mueller is Turning up the

Heat, ‘Right Now’. ANOTHER Russian Lawyer

who is Directly Tied to Gates Was indicted &

It “Signals” Mueller Is Going The Laundering

Putin/Russian Oligarch Route. Trump, Is SO

fucked! He Will Be Caught, tried & Convicted

(Morning Joe Jr?!?!)

And why?!?!?! Insanely ignorant Sociopathic

Hubris. He Won. He lost Court Cases, but he

Won basically by Bribing the entire system &

that wasn’t “Enough”. Now he can’t Bribe his

way Out of This. The Boy Scouts, who he has

been Verbally punching in the Face are about

to have THEIR turn. This Isn’t Partisan, since

it’s Run, By REPUBLICANS. This is, Right And

wrong Shit Here. And, Trumpy Is Very Wrong

Kushner is in the Cross hairs now as well and

(Chance of skating)

next Will be Don JR., Followed By Pence/Kelly

and Ending With Trump, the bell tolls for thee

Kushner Can Join his Father In Prison. Trump

was “Right” about Jobs. Federal Prison guards

job Security Never “Looked” Better these days

NOTE: Trump Wants To “Ban” Bumpstocks And
Doesn’t Grasp He Doesn’t Have The Legal Power
To Do This Without Going Through Congress Oh
This Is The LEAST They Could Do For A Massive
Assault Weapons Problem. Glad It’s Startin’ But
This Idea Is For OPENERS, & He Does Not Know
How Laws Are Made. Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez
NOTE II: Now Despicable Republicans, After The
“Blame The Victims” Idea “Think” They Are All A
Part Of Paid Protestors. Ha Ha Ha Ha. Projection

Have a day!

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