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We don’t an impartial Supreme Court in The United States. We (<-“Stubbie”) Just Don’t. It is A Partisan PAC ‘Slanted’ To Maga Conservaties Brett…”I Like Beer” Kavanaugh decided to go to Insurrectionist Election denier’s Holiday Party Matt Schlapp & over racist POS Stephen Miller. Aside from this bein’ a Massive ethics violation it “clearly” shows […]

Inflation Lower & Legal Props…

December 13th, 2022

We are getting some very good economic News about lowering (Gettin Better!) Inflation. While That Is exactly What We Want, it never makes the Pain now Any Less. Unless it’s¬†actually getting less. And, it Is.¬†Whoooooot. There are legal “Things” so happening, at light speed to the TFG. Smith is now (Coming) working quickly to contain […]

It seems Judge Cannon just badly “Misfired”. The 11th Circuit Court (Ooooops) of Appeals ‘Hammered’ Her Idiot Illegal Partisan ‘Move’ to Appoint a “Special Master”. The courts all lambasted her Saying “The law is Clear Here, we Can’t Let subjects of A Search Warrant to block any Government Investigations”. It’s the end for ol Tiny […]

Lying Partisan Fraud & Attention whore Kyrsten Sinema, has now (We Know!) changed party’s. She went from a ‘CLEAR’ Republican (Even Tho she Is Listed as D Voting with R all the Fucking Time) to an I for Independent. She Is Not, Just a Jag-off Looking For Corporate $ Hand-outs & attention. Oh, and speaking […]

Britney Griner’s now free from the grips of Putin’s Monsters & (FREE!) it’s in fact good news. Whelan’s still In Prison & The Next to Be freed. TFG freed 5,000 Taliban Biden ‘Got’ Griner. Big Fucking difference. Yet another Win for The Biden Administration Adds to happy & inspired voters. Yes And the brave strong […]

The great people of Georgia have all spoken. Warnock Wins!!! He now is (Ha!) “heading back” to the US Senate, To serve the good people of GA. And, it is Clear, Herschel Walker’s About to go back to Texas dumber than when He Left Which is Saying A LOT. It is not just That he […]

Snub, Flub & Drub…

December 6th, 2022

As the good voters of Georgia are Poised, To ‘Send’ Senator Raphael (Turn out!) Warnock back to office today, we have other hero’s who need 2 be Honored. All The Jan 6th Capital Police, and to all the Republicans who enabled/supported & stoked That “violence” with TFG, a Snub in the Handshake line. That is […]

One more day before the Georgia Senate VOTE!!! Warnock Remains (Yup!) in the Lead Due to Massive Early voting; again. Polls mean Nothin’ Only votes do. Turn out, Turn up Votes for Our Democracy and for Raphael Warnock! And Leave no doubt how horribly unqualified a lying Serial abortion activist who HAS tons of Abortions […]

Republican’s are literally determined to ruin Every Working Right on the planet (Pay Attention!) And, they, do not care; never will. The cold “Fact” Here is all R’s Care about It themselves/Power. They Even will hate Corporations if it Comes To to Them or business. The Senate R’s just decide to filibuster The Railroad workers […]

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