It seems the far right wing terrorism in the US is on the rise

In fact, since ’01, 21 people have died by Al Qaeda terrorism

(yes, sadly so)

in the US. Yet now, 34 have died at the hands of ‘right wing’

extremists. Their common ties are: intolerance, & “Religion”

Oh, weird. Now, do left wing extremists exist? Oh, yes, they

do. How many people have died since 2001?!? Zero. That is

because they’re eco-terrorists. Now, take the NeoNazi racist

shooting over the weekend where he shouted, “Heil Hitler!”

and change it to a Muslim phrase “Allahu Akbar!”. Does any

one think the media & FOX wouldn’t cover it 24-7 as a front

(many morons)

line story? The DHS put out a report in 2009 warnin’ about

this when FOX, & all right wing hate radio flipped out yellin’

“How dare you smear conservative American’s” yet are fast

to scream, “Muslims are coming to kill us all” not ‘grasping’

the massive irony. The difference is. that the “numbers” are

MORE for right wing extremism. See……BOTH problems are

real. Extremism of any kind is terrible, & unacceptable. But,

right now we got 25 people from DHS working on “Muslim”

terrorism domestically. But only ONE working on ‘this shit’

that has MORE terrorism. If you want to know big breeding

(faces of hate)

grounds, go to White Power StormFront where 23 of the 32

deaths can be directly linked to former posters, FROM there

Whether it’s ‘anti-abortion extremists’, White Supremacists,

‘Sovereign Citizens’, or eco-terrorists we better stop this shit

Psssssst FBI, CIA, & DHS, you’re welcome. Now do your job

Far Right Wing Hate Media Failing

The far right wing hate talk echo chamber is fading so badly

What if I told you they ALL don’t really have “sponsors” any


more?!?! Well, they’re all just paid shills by right wing PACs

like FreedomWork, American’s For Prosperity, Etc., to spew

the exact politically scripted super lies THEY want. See, they

pretend to have “Core honest real political ideas”, that really

are just purchased. The problem? It’s a ‘failed’ business idea

The PAC investors are only getting 30% back from their BIG

investment. It’s bleeding red, not effective, & a BAD place to

spend their cash. It’s an overt bribe that isn’t working out so

(Vote, vote, vote)

well for them. Why pay both the candidate AND these talking

jabbering non-effective turds who don’t move the needle. So

it’s all over but the crying, & it’s also a sign that “throwing $”

at things doesn’t always work out. It clashes directly with all

of reality. It’s literally the movie ‘A Face In The Crowd’ come

to life. But now comes the BIG fall at the end. They are ALL,

a cautionary tail. And, it couldn’t happen to bigger group of

grifters, liars, hate peddling assholes, & “super mega frauds”

(Lonesome Beck)

The cash spicket is ALL shut off & you losers now all have to

try working elsewhere. Hope ya saved your $ or it’s 700 club

Tomorrow: The “Klan” Tries To Rebrand It’s Hate Image

Have a day!

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