N, E, G, R, O…bingo! Cliven seems lost as to ‘why’ he’s so racist

So now right on que comes more racism from Cliven “Al” Bundy

“I’m only this racist”)

We all knew it was coming. So Bigot Boy Bundy spewed this shit:

“We don’t have freedom to say what we want. If I call — if I say negro
or black boy or slave, I’m not— if those people cannot take those kind
of words and not be offended, then Martin Luther King hasn’t got his
job done then yet. They should be able to-I should be able to say those
things & they shouldn’t offend anybody. I didn’t mean to offend them”

So it wasn’t that ya argued slavery’s something blacks might like?

Ah yes, it’s MLK’s fault he was assassinated by a racist & Cliven’s

a sad tiny old pile of bigot anus puss. Cliven’s just the face of the

Republican party today: old, white, rural & racist as all shit. Derp

Don’t you understand, if blacks, immigrants & minorities did not

exist, then us racists wouldn’t have to be so racist! *Big Eye Roll*

Holy fuck these people are blind to their intense mega stupidity &

(We already knew)

hate. See criminal racists don’t ‘think’ they’re “bad people”. Well,

we don’t give a flying fuck what they think. They don’t “think” at

all. The greatest irony is the far right wingers who were loving on

this lawbreaking bigot boy are now backing off & pretending they

never did. So Sean Hannity, FOX, and Right Wing Hate Radio all

ran from his hate. Mostly since it exposed their “obvious policies”

of hateful discrimination. Then there is those even “farther right”

wing on the radio dial who don’t think what said was ‘racist at all’

The whole Republican party today just appeals to racists, morons,


survivalist lunatics, and deeply troubled religious theocratic dolts

Nothing more insane, than overt racists accusing everyone else of

their actions. It is ‘sick projection’ that rejects all of reality. This is

comedy gold. If we lived in the days of slavery they’d be defending

the slave owners as “Noble” & “Job Creators”. It is like watching a

‘shameless drunk’ shit themselves, then shrugging their shoulders,

grabbing it, & eating it. They aren’t a political party anymore, they

are lunatics totally detached from all reality. The world pity’s them

And the more Republican’s speak the funnier and sadder it all gets

(Welfare Queen)

The right wing Bigot Blather Tour of Dean, Nugent, & Bundy in ’15

Bad week for racists in an ever losing battle with recording devices

Tomorrow: NBA Clippers Owner Donald Sterling Racist Fuck 2.0

Have a day!

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