The NBA commissioner Adam Sliver, made a clear statement yesterday

(no more)

Racist owners & racism in general isn’t tolerated anymore in this league

Banned 4 life. Yes, you read that correctly, for LIFE. He gone, ova, done

BOOM!!!! Like a boss. The other owners will ‘vote him out’. Not because

what is did was vile, disgusting, & morally unacceptable. But all because

“it’s really bad for business”. So now you have most of the talking head

morons now on the right from Chump, to Kristol, ALL defending Sterling

They label the girlfriend as an ‘evil terrible human being’. Ahh yes, shoot

the messenger, & ignore the facts. Then Bill Kristol said this big insanity:

“I sort of agree with Alica on this, (gestures to panel guest) everyone goes
hysterical over 2 or 3 sentences but let’s look at the actual deeds of people”

It wasn’t 2-3 sentences you intense fidiot. It was a lifetime of overt hate

(We Know)

on issues of race, conservatives always get upset because they are painted

as the “racist party”. The reason, you have conservatives openly standing

up for this fucking racist loser. See which Democratic leader stood up for

him? None. Here is a simple deal. If you have people, always standing on

the side of racists supporting policies that are racist, well then you=racist

The difference is when 1 party actively overtly supports “bigoted policies”,

defends racist & all actively court those racist voters, you own all that shit

Republican’s openly tolerate, promote & encourage racism. So Democrats

for all their faults, don’t. There’s the rub. If you do not wanta be called the

party of “racists” then stop selling your obvious racist product to them all

The Limp Lying Bohner Bullshit Circus

It seems John Bohner doesn’t know which John Boehner he agrees with

(His “Oh” face)

During the recent congressional recess, a video of Stiffy overtly mocking

House Republicans for their unwillingness to get any “immigration deal”

done was released. He was funny & mimicked them using a whinny tone

“Ohhhhhhhh, don’t make me do this, ohhhhhhhhh this is too hard”

Well, that’s the first time the guy has ever been correct as a leader. BUT,

now he’s backing off his exact rational stance? Why? Because the Koch’s

cracked their money whip. He changed his tone from “it’s their fault” to,

“It’s Obama’s fault that Republican’s have no interest in working or ever

(Archie Bunker)

creating laws to reform/help/fix anything in need”. It’s the equivalent of

having Eric Cartman at a brain storming session, where he yells, abuses,

interrupts valid ideas, shits on the table, then says “You losers don’t have

any good ideas. I’m so gone!!!”. The TeaOP won’t ever touch immigration

because it helps their plutocratic masters paying “undocumented workers”

slave wages & the racist heads in the party know they’d all vote Democrat

The guy doesn’t even have the balls to stand behind calling out the idiots:

“There was no mocking, you tease the ones you love. I wanted to make
sure the members understood the biggest impediment in moving the
immigration reform is the American people don’t trust the president”

Ah yes, that is like a car mechanic saying “Oh, I’d totally fix your car, BUT

you do not trust my boss, even though you hired him. So go fuck yourself!”

(so long)

Good luck in this years Mid-Terms, you are the ‘worst congress in history’

Tomorrow: Now Cliven Bundy Directly Called For Another Uncivil War

Have a day!

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