Holy brick flinging anger batman! It’s more tense over there

than a nerd tryin’ a new pick up line to get laid. *cough* I so

(Pro-Russia brick prick)

speak from direct experience on the nerd comment. So right

now we have a Western leader in Ukraine calling on the UN

for help. If he can’t quell the Pro-Russian peeps, Putin has a

group of 40,000 troops ready to swoop in. This is sooooooo

fucked up. First it was all pro-Russia, then the free Western

people of Ukraine “bounced back” to speak up for their lives

But now the Pro-Let’s All Join Russia groups are all fighting

back hard. I’m pulling for a clean, non-violent solution there

(So friendly)

And hoping the ‘Western world’ there wins, which really just

means our nerd scores big time; just remember to wrap it up

Rahma Sweet-heart Deal Drama

Meet the new boss, he’s in better shape than the old boss, &

shorter, not Irish, but still fucking over pensions just for fun

(Let’s fuck them all!)

See, people paid big cash to Rahm for his election. Now, the

favors come in. It is fucking gross, & until it stops we people

will never have governance that cares about us. Then there’s

Rahmy’s $55 million subsidy, for a new hotel near Chicago’s

convention center. An investment company that ‘owns’ a big

stake in the construction firm gave Emanuel’s campaign cash

to the tune of $31,500. This shit happens all over the country

legally. It’s fucking gross. Until we make illegal for politicians

(“Your pension, gone!”)

to touch, barter with, or ‘abuse pensions’, they fucking will. It

is simply “Well, fuck the middle class or poor”. What are they

gonna do? Well, run for office, or eventually bite back…..hard

Tomorrow: Why Is Baby Juggling Illegal Again?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Have a day!

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