I’m pretty good with kids, the elderly, & ah..wait, what’s that

third thing?!? Ahhhhhh….ahhhhhhh…ahhhhhhhhh. Oooooops

(Mouth Poooops)

Texass Governor Rick “Ooooops” Perry, has this “Grand Jury”

investigation “occurring” right now, about whether, Old Ricky

now politically “Forced Out”, the Travis County DA Rosemary

Lehmberg. She’s been in office since 2009 & was convicted of

drunk driving last year. So she could be seen on tape ‘verbally’

abusing officers. Well Old Dingle Perry decided to “Threaten”

her. If she didn’t step down/resign he said he would veto $7.5

million in state funding for public corruption prosecutors last

summer. Oooooooooooops. Aides to Perry say that he, “legally

(“You’re fucked”)

exercised his veto power”. Well sure, just like Blago used “his”

to dangle a seat for sale. Others say Perry was abusin’ his state

office & is finally getting his comeuppance. Smell that there?!?

Its toast. Looks like Jebby “My Illegal Immigrant Stance Pisses

Off My Family & Other Nut Right Wingers” Bush is the last one

left standing. Everything’s bigger in Texas including the asshats

Obama “Cheer Leading” Insanity

Obama & some other Democrats, are so clearly in the pocket of

Wall Street. Obama spoke with Elizabeth Warren, knocking her

(“Shit got real!”)

hand scolding her with the, “You are overplaying your hand gal”

She made Wall Street & Bankers nervous with ‘new regulations’

Obama is basically a ‘center right leaning Republican’. BUT, the

entire Republican party has gone into lunartown so he looks like

a lefty compared to them. That is why the “Dodd Frank bill” was

utter bullshit that wouldn’t regulated dick. If she didn’t play ball

then she would be an “Outsider”, not an “Insider”. You know, go

lie we are doing something good for consumers, when we are not

(“Tiny balls”)

This is why Obama will fail. It all comes out in a new book by her

And the realization that Obama has some domestic social policies

progressives like, but every economic one they hate might sink in

As voters, we must go drop ALL the, “Wall Street & Banker Bitch

Democrats”. Obama will go down as the most ‘evil villain’ on the

right, & a social policy sorta win, but economic failure on the left

Watch for Warren. She went into politics cause of all of ‘this shit’

Tomorrow: Very Serious Real Right Wing Extremist Dangers

Have a day!

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