This is a bad time for racists in America. They clearly don’t know

how recording devices are used. Mostly because they are all older

(Thanks Trump!)

white racists, between 55-90 years of age. They don’t “get” all the

technology. Sure, racists can be all shapes, sizes, creeds, & colors

But in today’s world, statistically speaking, it is always the “Older

White Republican’s” we see at a 10 to 1 ratio here. So, LA Clippers

Racist In Chief owner Donald Sterling decided to spew THIS hate

“You can sleep with (black people) . You can bring them in… can do
whatever you want. The little I ask you is not to bring them to my games.
It bothers me a lot that you want to broadcast that you’re associating with
black people. Do you have to?!? I don’t want to change. If my girl can’t do
what I want, I don’t want the girl. I support them and give them food and
clothes, and cars, and houses. Who gives it to them?! Does someone else?
Who makes the game? Do I make the game, or do they make the game?!”

THEY make the game. YOU makes significant $ off of all their labor

But don’t expect an ‘overt racist fucking idiot’ to ever understand it

He thinks he is running a modern plantation. I say, I say, he is now

(“La la la”)

running nothing. The NBA will announce their actions today, & it will

end badly for mega bigot fuck. Everyone in the world says awesome

It’s not this fucking tape. Never was. This big turd has been an overt

racist for “decades”. And now this breaks it? No, we have failed each

other by never addressing this shit before. He discriminated against

others in his housing projects, in his daily life, & now everyone in his

business’s. The fuckin NAACP was going to give this known racist an

award. Why?!?!? Because he paid them. THAT is SO disgusting I just

threw up in my mouth at their ignorant hypocrisy. Always call it out!

(Rich, racist, drunk!)

Here’s the “good thing” that comes out of all of this. A light has been

shined into all this “dark hate”. The more “light” that is shown on all

this hate, the faster it ends. Stiff consequences means they own their

hate. They can only then decide if the overt evil hate is worth owning

Those on the far right today will scream, “He’s a Democrat!”. Oh, no

he is NOT. He gave $ to Democratic candidates in the early 90’s, but

he’s actually a registered Republican. Not that it “matters much” any

way cause racists exist in the Democratic party, just not the well seen

numbers like the overt strain living in the sick Republican party. It is

(Banned for life)

all gross, & racism is still a very serious issue in our country. Soon we

will live in a world that only judges us by the content of our character

Until then shine a big bright light on every racist. The light ends them

NOTE: NBA banned Sterling for life from the league. Trash taken out

Remember The “Balcony Thrower” Guy?!?!

You might remember Republican Michael Grimm who threatened to

throw a reporter off the balcony for asking a simple question. Well, it

(“Over you go!”)

turns out that question was damn important. He’s now facing federal

charges campaign finance violations. Now, Grimm was actually a guy

who called out the ‘extremist elements’ of the far right wing. That is a

good thing today in the dying Republican party. But he’s now facing a

fire storm. He is being charged with tax fraud, mail fraud, wire fraud,

and all for a chain of restaurants called Healthalicious. Ooooooooops

Forget that is such am awkward Jerseyish fail name. The meat is now

in his upcoming trial; maybe he’ll try to throw the jury off the balcony

if he doesn’t like how it all ‘comes out’. My guess is he will not get out

(“I’m fucked”)

of this unscathed. He will go down, & down so very hard. With a thud

It is almost like he decided to throw his entire his career off a balcony

Except this time it was not a threat; he actually followed through here

Tomorrow: FOX Narrative Totally Ignores Bundy Racism, Shocker!

Have a day!

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